Who Are The Quarry Persons?

Joe Cadora has been a performing singer and guitarist for more years than he'd probably like to remember. While at college in New Jersey, he and his band opened for Bruce Springsteen at the Rutgers Ledge, and the following year he performed at the Philadelphia Folk Festival with the duo Tar & Feathers. After touring with a rock act in the mid 70s, Joe decided he wasn't cut out for the road and he began playing in bands closer to home. Upon arriving in the Bay Area in 80s Joe played with the Mercuries, and then with the Evidence in the 90s. He briefly switched from rock to Irish trad in 2003, playing many shows with the band Tinkers Damn. Returning to electric music 5 years later, he fronted the original blues rock band the Mighty Neptunes and wrote all the songs for their first release, American Blue. Joe is a founding member of the Quarry Persons and although he's played everything from fiddle tunes to disco, he will tell you he's never had as much fun as he's had playing the Beatles. Carol Curtis is a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter who currently performs with a number of groups in the larger Bay Area. As well as being a vocalist and the rhythm guitar player for the Quarry Persons, she sings in the Jazz City Singers, a jazz vocal ensemble based in the East Bay, and performs with two groups based in Sebastopol: the Dixieland band called the Sebtown Strutters, and Mississippi Moon, a four piece ensemble playing eclectic Americana music and originals. In the 80's Carol collaborated with fellow Quarry Person, Joe Cadora, in a folk duo that sang original compositions and also performed with the rock group Edsel Eddie and the Mercuries. After completing her CD of original material, Pink Cafe, in 2004, she studied jazz vocalization at the Jazzschool in Berkeley for a number of years. She was very happy to be asked to join the Quarry Persons in 2015 and is a complete convert to the power of Beatle Joy!
Amy Friedrick's first band experience was as a founding member of the Kazoo Marching Band at her high school. Since then she has played guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and fiddle with various groups all over the bay area for a number of years. She has been singing her whole life -- in choirs, in bands, in all types of jams and around the campfire. Currently Amy plays acoustic upright bass and sings in the Dandelion Jazz Quartet. She is a sought-after guitar and ukulele teacher for both adults and kids and loves to help students discover the joy of making music (and especially the fun of playing Beatles songs.) Playing bass in the Quarry Persons is a dream come true -- she's been in love with the Beatles ever since she was 8 years old!

You can read more about Amy at her website, amyfriedricksmusic.com.

Bill Coffin has been drumming since 1968. He worked professionally throughout the 70s and put himself through college by playing. He worked in various cover bands, playing funk, rock, blues, country & western, disco, jazz, salsa, etc. In short, just about every known genre. After college, he continued to play as a hobby. You can read more about his career at his website eclipsoid.com/drums.html.

Bill's credo is "What Would Ringo Do?"

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